Julius Malema to make sure that SA Judiciary is not in anyway captured by politicians

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says he will continue to make sure that the South African Judiciary is not in anyway captured by politicians.

He says the reason why he makes sure they attends every interview for Judges is to make sure that what he calls genuine and incorruptible judges are appointed.

Malema says, if the Judiciary of South Africa can be captured by politicians, then it will be the end of democracy.

Malema spoke in Mamelodi, Pretoria, as the EFF commemorated this year’s Freedom Day celebrations.

“No judge must be controlled by a politician. Judge must be independent, judge must be sober minded, judge must apply only the law, nothing else. Whether Wang rata Kapa not, listen to what the law says. Listen to our problems.”

Economic Freedom Fighters hosts Freedom Day in Mamelodi:

Meanwhile One South Africa Chief Activist, Mmusi Maimane, says South Africa’s collective frustration grows with each passing year.

He delivered the movement’s Freedom Day address in Mfuleni on the Cape Flats. Maimane says South Africans continue to face several challenges.

“It has become a common cause what has become Freedom Day  has now become frustration  day. Too many citizens are unemployed, in fact the rate of unemployment is highest among developing economies.

It is clear that so many of us are frustrated,  hungry and feel unsafe in our homes. So today we look at Freedom Day  as it becomes important that we build  a movement towards change and to build a government that is able to deliver on the promise of freedom.”