Juru Growth Point, A Zanu (PF) Stronghold

Virtually all vehicles, whether they be long haulage trucks, passenger cars, or buses, going to or through that area carry a Zimbabwean flag on their windscreens for all and sundry to clearly see lest they will be suspected to belong to the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party. Vehiles carry the Zimbabwean National Flag mainly because its colours – red, green and yellow – “identify” with the former ruling party, Zanu (PF), whose colours are also contained in it.

A visit to the growth point, once very notorious for prostitution by young unemployed girls at night, shows that virtually all motor vehicles especially those belonging to individuals residing at the growth point have the “flag yaMudhara” stuck on their windscreens. Mudhara is the “code-name” given to President Robert Mugabe the 87-year-old boss of the former ruling party.

The Zimbabwean flag has become very popular on highways to Zanu (PF) strongholds because supporters are buying it in bulk.

“If you do not have such a flag on your car then people, especially the Youths, will think that you are from the MDC-T,” said one unemployed youth. “And, to make it worse, if you are indeed from the MDC-T, then you are definitely not welcome to Juru Growth Point,” he told Radio VOP in an exclusive interview at the busy centre, which is a hive of activity at night.

“Morgan Tsvangirai is not welcome here at all and if he does come here we will do something to him or his agents, be they MPs or even civilians. They (MDC-T) do not belong here because they are all sell-outs and belong to the British of Tony Blair and the Americans of George Bush”.

The MDC-T political party is led by former Zimbabwe of Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) Secretary General, Morgan Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai is now Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister in the President Mugabe’s Government of National Unity (GNU).

Tony Blair is former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom while George Bush, on ther hand, is a former President of the United States of America (US). Both politicians were strongly disliked by the Zanu PF boss, President Robert Mugabe.

President Mugabe declared a “silent” war against the Westerners for allegedly making his nation of more than 12 million people “poor”.

Investigations also revealed that some of these vehicles do not stop at road blocks or pay the US$1 needed at Toll Gates leading outside Harare. One such Toll Gate is located beside the entrance of a lavish protected farm which allegedly belongs to the Governor of The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), Dr Gideon Gono.

The meat/poultry farm known as “Meatlands (Private) Limited” is located on the 10km peg from Harare and 30km from Juru Growth Point on the highway.