Kabila Demands US$50 000 From Presidential Candidates

“This is outrages,” said one of the Presidential candidates, Tshimankinda Nganu Kalala, President of Nouveau Parti Patriotique Du Peuple Congolais, one of the major opposition parties in the DRC in an exclusive interview in Harare.
The party’s slogan for the race is “Changement Positif Alternative Positive”.

“We all have to pay this US$50 000 by the end of this month and none of us have it. Jospeh Kabila can raise this cash very easily because he can get it from the government coffers.”

Kalala is in Zimbabwe to meet with and consult President Robert Mugabe, the Zanu PF boss who has always supported the DRC.
Kalala said without Zimbabwe and President Mugabe there would not be any “DRC” today.

“The people of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) have made the DRC what it is today,” Kalala said.
“That is why I strongly support Mugabe and all that he is doing for not only Zimbabwe but for the whole of Africa. He is very strong unlike Joseph (Kabila) who is very corrupt.”

He said in the interview that the DRC was collapsing due to alleged rampant corruption by President Kabila’s numerous ministers, most of whom were now multi-millionnaires.

“Where did they all suddenly get their cash from,” Kalala asked.

“They have killed the economy and are busy stealing things in the government. They live in luxury and the infrastructure in the DRC is falling apart right now. The roads, the electricity are non existent and people are suffering right now. I want to set up a united force to take power away from Kabila who has killed our economy and country.”

Kalala said the DRC was currently facing numerous problems including malnutrition, corruption, mismanagement and very poor citizens living in the rural communities.
“There is very little donor support and we are finding it difficult to attract foreigners into the economy,” Kalala said.

“All the white people who came from Belgium, our coloniser, ran away when we took over as an independent nation. I think we must ask them to return to the DRC for us to proceed with our lives in a much better state unlike what is happening right now.”

Asked how be rated his chances against President Kabila in the forthcoming election, Kalala said: “I am very confident. In fact I am extremely confident that I can grab power away from Joseph. We have suffered for too long and this must end. We now need a new leadership in the DRC to get things moving smoothly again.”
President Joseph Kabila took over from his late Father Laurent who was shot by his close security guard.
He was flown to Zimbabwe and was given a State welcome at One Commando Military Barrack after he died.

President Mugabe is very close to the DRC and President Kabila regularly jets into the country “privately” for consultations with him, a personal friend of his late father.