Kangai Children Petition High Court Over Hero's Estate

Eight children of the late national hero Kumbirai Kangai have petitioned the Master of the High Court to intervene in an estate wrangle that pits them against their stepmother.

A potentially explosive estate dispute in the Kangai family has spilled to the High Court after Marah Hativagone and her 7 siblings approached the Master of the High Court expressing dissatisfaction with the manner the estate is being handled by their stepmother.

In the petition, the eight children argue their stepmother Miriam Rehwai Kangai is abusing the estate.

In his last will and testament, Kangai bequeathed 10 percent of his estate to Buhera South Ward 19 while the rest was to be distributed equally among the 11 beneficiaries.

The petitioners, however, claim Miriam Rehwai Kangai was awarded 50 percent of the Paarl Farm Property Development Project run by Datco, affording her an opportunity together with Fungai and Muchatenda who are on her side to abuse the estate.

They accuse the 3 beneficiaries of withdrawing funds from sales rather than profit, exposing the project to doom and they say the workers on the project have gone for 5 months without pay.

The children say they have no access to their late father’s homestead Number 25 Glen Forest as guards to the property were instructed to bar them.

They request the Master of the High Court to allow the executor to sell all movable and immovable assets under the estate and deposit the funds into a trust account awaiting distribution when all claims have been cleared by the courts.

Additionally, they seek the freezing of all access to the estate’s funds by any beneficiary until after a financial and administrative audit and evaluation and allow all farm workers to be paid their dues.

The Master of the High Court through a letter dated 30th September 2014 in the ZBC News’ possession directed the executor to look into the issues raised within 2 weeks.

He, however, noted the petition was unsigned and had no forwarding address.