Kariba Tiger Tournament Ends On High Note

The world fishing sport ended here on Friday night with wild celebrations from both losers and winners and the event was an early Christmas for Kariba residents.

The second place was won by Keith Lyon who had a tiger weighing 8.1kilograms.

Remington Gold was the best team that caught 60 fish weighing a total of 171.85 kilograms while other seven teams were tied on 60 fish but had less weight in the top ten categories.

A total of 2,864 tons of fish were caught during the three day event compared to 6 484 fish caught during last year event.

There were 500 boats daily in the Kariba dam as the competition brought scores of participants and spectators cheering as the winner were announced at closing ceremony on late Friday as none of them surpassed his earlier catch.

The annual event was held under its 50th year anniversary and Ingram caught the tiger weighing 10.8 kilograms at Nashua bay and this was his seventh year competing in the fishing sport that drew participants from as far as New Zealand, Norway, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Mozambique among other countries.

 There were 267 participants during this year event.

This year marked the 50th year anniversary of the competition that was initiated by farmers in 1961 as a move to rest on the shores of the largest man made lake.