Karoi Hospital Turning Away Patients

The nurse in charge, identified only as Sister Kazawo was telling patients here that she was the highest qualified medical personnel on duty and was therefore not in a position to attend to everyone.

She was seen by Radio VOP turning away three road accident victims Portia,Petronella and Rejoice Kanengoni who had been referred to the hospital by the police.

She said she had no time to talk to journalists because they were disturbing her.

“You can go to the maternity ward and see the Nurse in Charge if you want. I do not know her name, go and hunt for her if you are interested. Where do you want me to get the doctors to attend to those patients you are referring to, “she said.

Radio VOP approached Maternity Ward sister in charge Sister Gwatidzo who confirmed they were no doctors available since December 25.

“The problem we are having here is that stand-by doctors are not reachable. We have been trying their numbers by without success. However this is not a justification of the returning of patients by nurses,” she said. “I can tell you that we have a seriously head injured patient who has not been attended to by doctors since last night, “she said.

However, one of the off duty male nurses told sister Gwatidzo in the presence of Radio VOP that duty nurses were reluctant to call sand-by doctors.

“They are lying. They do not want to call the doctors. These nurses are sabotaging patients, because last night when we were on duty we called doctors who responded quickly,“ said the male nurse.