Karoi Prisoner In Suicide Attempt

According to some prison sources, the suspect Herudhe Karumbwana, was serving one year jail term for escaping from Karoi police cells where he was being investigated for house breaking cases.

Sources said that those on duty the day the incident happened had been asked to write reports on how the suspect could have smuggled the razor blade into the cells.

“We were shocked to hear that Karumbwana was bleeding heavily on the throat after using a razor blade. His cell-mates alerted us and the blankets were soaked in blood. He was searched and the razor blade was recovered’’ said a source who was on duty but cannot be named for professional reasons.

Karumbwana was rushed to Karoi hospital where he was attended to and discharged at the weekend.

A nurse from the hospital confirmed the incident saying, ’’We saw a prisoner who tried to kill himself using a razor blade, but the cuts were not all that serious to cause death, but has since been discharged into custody of Karoi prison.”

The incident coincided with another one in which a prisoner had escaped when inmates were asked to put off a raging fire near the prison. The prisoner was captured after two hours when jail guards combed nearby farms where he had sought refuge.

The suspect who had two weeks left for his sentence will appear in court soon.
There was no official from Karoi prison Officer-in-charge Superintend Christine Manhivi who was said to be ”busy”.