Karoi Residents Protest Delay In Terminus Renovation

By Nhau Mangirazi

Karoi, August 05, 2016 – KAROI residents are up in arms with the town council over continued delays by the authority to renovate Chikangwe, the town’s main bus terminus.

Vendors and those who have used the public facility to board transport to their homes and rural areas are not happy that transport operators were moved out of the place to allow renovations to take place.

However, residents complain that it is taking too long to be completed while the place has not been serviced by functioning toilets for over six months.

What has further incensed residents is that there are no toilet facilities and water at the new site which is now being used as a temporary bus terminus near Chikangwe beer hall.

The situation, it is feared, poses a health hazard for both locals and travellers.

Karoi Residents Association acting chairman Frack Kuchekwa condemned the authorities for failing to avail the necessary facilities prior to relocating the terminus to a new site.

Kuchekwa further denounced council officials for failing to explain the apparent failure by a local company contracted to work on the terminus to complete the task.

Some council workers in the town’s environment health department said they were not consulted for their input over availability of toilets and water for commuters.

There was no immediate response from Karoi town secretary, Maxwell Kaitano who was reportedly out of office.

The furore over the use of Chikangwe bus terminus has brought tensions between councillors and the local business community since 2010 after rural buses moved into the central business centre leaving it as a ghost area in the oldest location.


Karoi town has an estimated population of 29 000 residents with 10 000 of them living in Chikangwe.