Kasukuwere Accused Of Stifling Chitungwiza Dam Construction

By Lynette Manzini

Harare, November 22, 2016 – LOCAL Government Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere has been accused of stifling the construction of a dam by Chitungwiza, which is experiencing recurrent water shortages.

City authorities say they have secured funds to construct Muda Dam, a development that would lead to it managing its own water requirements.

Residents of the dormitory town, with a population of about 1.6 million, often go for up to three weeks without running water with other areas going for months on end.

Despite the Chitungwiza City Council acquiring funds for the dam construction, Kasukuwere is still to sign the document that will prompt the release of funds which will get the project running. 

Chitungwiza Ward 3 councillor, Tendai Simon revealed this to residents at an MDC-T rally held at Huruyadzo Shopping Centre over the weekend.

“You sent to us to work for you but I will be honest the job you assigned us to do is a mammoth task as a result of the regular disagreements,” he said.

“We decided that the city should not continue begging for water from Harare which led us to search for funds to build our own dam.

“The funds were secured 3 months ago from the Africa Development Bank but Minister Kasukuwere has not signed the document that will prompt the release of the funds,” Simon said.

Council has since set up Chitungwiza Water Company that will manage the dam construction and report directly to it.

Fears abound the continued inconsistent water supplies to residents could result in disease outbreaks as was witnessed in 2008 when a devastating cholera outbreak killed many in the city.

Chitungwiza Mayor, Philip Mutoti who also was in attendance, said the funds acquired during his tenure are yet to be released.


However, Simon said in the mean time council will avail four boreholes in Chitungwiza in places that include Huruyadzo and Zengeza 2, in a bid to meet water demand in the area.