Kasukuwere Backtracks On Private Schools

Education minister David Coltart on Wednesday evening said Indigenisation minister Saviour Kasukuwere told him the institutions would now be spared.

Last Friday, Kasukuwere issued a notice giving schools, crèches and banks a year to hand over 51 percent of their shareholding to locals.

The directive had been met with resistance from some sections in the inclusive government.

“Minister Kasukuwere and I agreed that mission, religious, church and community trust schools run not for profit will not be subject to indigenisation,” Coltart posted on his Face book page.

“I am pleased to report that I had a very constructive discussion with Kasukuwere this evening regarding the notice recently issued. We are agreed that the rights contained in section 20(3) of the Constitution, namely the right of religious and other groups to set up and run schools, will be fully respected by government.”

He said all mission, church, religious, community and trust schools run not for profit will not be subject to any indigenisation policy.

“I hope that the agreement in this regard will settle all those parents, teachers, administrators and other interested in the education sector who feared that this critically important component of our education sector was going to be disrupted,” Coltart added.

“I encourage all those who have been concerned this past week to stop worrying and to get on with the fine work they have been doing in delivering a quality education to tens of thousands of Zimbabwean children.”

Kasukuwere ‘s notice has also been rejected by Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor and Finance minister Tendai Biti who have said the minister would not be allowed to touch the banking sector.

Gono said he would ask Mugabe to intervene.