Kasukuwere Strikes Again, Orders Gweru T/C Ouster

Mark Mhukayesango

GWERU – LOCAL GOVERNMENT minister Saviour Kasukuwere has struck once again after instructing the Gweru commission to suspend town clerk Daniel Matawu over allegations of corruption and misappropriation of council funds.

His suspension comes after Kasukuwere told the commission to fire every official with corruption charges hanging over their heads.

Gweru council commissioner Tsunga Mhangami confirmed Matawu’s suspension.


“We’ve suspended the town clerk Daniel Matawu pending investigations into the alleged misappropriation of council funds and corruption,” Mhangami told Radio VOP.

The audit report implicated Matawu among other council officials on allegations of corruption and the commission says his suspension is pending investigations.

“We want to investigate these allegations without undue interference from the involved parties.

“As the commission, we were tasked to investigate allegations of corruption levelled against people in management and we have started that process.”

Matawu, the strong man of the Gweru council and a lawyer by profession, is not new to controversy.

At one point, his monthly perks were said to be the highest compared to those of other town clerks in the country.

But Kasukuwere vowed that he will stamp out corruption, insisting there were no sacred cows.

Matawu had also been the target of a city residents group which vowed to fight for his ouster.

“We have already sent a petition to the Minister and we should be expecting his dismissal later soon,” said Combined Residents leader Frank Muzorera.

“We will not rest until we clean up the rot in council. Matawu was singled out as part of the corruption when the audit was done so he should go,” he added.

Speaking after his suspension, Muzorera said “The minister took heed of our plea to suspend Matawu . This is a step in the right direction
for our beloved council.”

The audit report reprimanded Matawu for corruption.

“The town clerk should safeguard public funds and ensure that they are spent only on legally authorised purposes in terms of the
Constitution. The town clerk failed to take effective and appropriate steps to prevent irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure as
required by law.

Kasukuwere has been on the rampage to stamp out corruption , with his recent visit to Mutare sending shock waves in council, threatening to fire corrupt council directors.