Kasukuwere Tells Harare Council Bosses To Go

The Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, Saviour Kasukuwere says Harare City council bosses plotting to dismiss workers are the ones who should leave council instead, as they have failed to carry out their mandate fully.

Speaking at the launch of the Homelink Tynwald housing project, Kasukuwere hit out at council bosses for plotting to lay off 3000 workers who earn low wages, instead of focusing on management which earns large amounts.

“It is you bosses who should go home, why do you gloss over 200 people earning US$50. I want to see development in councils. Land barons are over, now I want the quarry plant to start working so that council begins to make construction materials,” he said.

The MDC-T led Harare City Council has hogged the limelight after its Finance and Human Resources Committees met on Monday and agreed that 3000 workers should be laid off.

Minister Kasukuwere also pledged to give Homelink, a division of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe 3000 stands, as the company has a waiting list of 600 home seekers and requires land for housing construction for its clients.

Meanwhile, storm is brewing at Town House with Mayor, Councillor Bernard Manyenyeni being accused of working in cahoots with 18 councillors to fast-track a resolution that would have seen the dismissal of 3000 workers on three months’ notice.

The council is divided over the matter as only 18 out of 46 councillors were part to the meetings.

Sources close to Town House say the decision to lay off such an alarming number of workers was done clandestinely behind most councillors’ back.
Most councillors are said to have heard about the resolution from panicking workers who were calling seeking clarification and confirmation of the mass dismissal.

Mayor Manyenyeni however criticised Minister Kasukuwere for reversing the dismissal of workers, saying his move was premature as the discussions were only at committee level.

“We were still discussing the issue and it was premature for the minister to reverse the decision when the issue had not even been taken to him formally,” said Manyenyeni.

The Harare Municipal Workers Union has however expressed gratitude to Minister Kasukuwere for his timely intervention in blocking the massive dismissals.