Kenyan 'Prophet' Demands Sexual Favours From Followers

Kiambu – Residents of Kiambu County, Kenya, took to the streets on Tuesday to protest against the conduct of a self-proclaimed prophet who had been demanding sexual favours from his female followers.

Zachariah Baricho, alias Nabii Wanyonyi, allegedly claimed that he had been directed by the spirit to sleep with the women at least seven times.

Those who failed to give in to his demands would be branded as witches.

According to Citizen Digital, the father of 12 had also been soliciting money, foodstuffs and livestock from area residents, leading to family break-ups.

Cases of false prophets conning unsuspecting members of the public have been on the rise in the east African country.

In April, two fake preachers were arraigned in court for obtaining KES 5.6m from worshipers by false pretenses.

According to reports, the two female victims sent KES 4m via M-Pesa and another KES 1.6m in cash to the preachers who had promised to help drive demons away.