Kereke Comes Out Guns Blazing, Labels Gono "A Drowning Thief"

Kereke was addressing journalists at his expensively built private hospital on the northern outskirts of Harare Thursday where he also accused the MDC of failing the inclusive government.

“Dr Gideon Gono, governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is a thief who stole public funds and private funds for his own personal gain. Evidence is there to prove this,” he said.

Kereke, also a farmer, accused Gono of invading a bank account belonging to his private hospital and stealing US$100 000 to finance his own chicken project.

Kereke who left the RBZ under unclear circumstances early this year, said he was a committed member of President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF and was prepared to “take bullets” in the name of the veteran leader.

He accused Gono of sending unnamed government officials to go and sweet talk him into abandoning his threats to expose the central bank governor’s murky deals fearing this would also unmask Mugabe’s corrupt loyalists.

“What I am talking about here are activities of Gideon Gono as an individual wilfully and purposefully discharging himself to defraud the public for his own singular, personal benefit,” said Kereke, who insisted the threats will never make him retreat from exposing Gono.

“I know you (press) will one day be called somewhere by Gono who would start suggesting that I want to implicate top government officials and members of the security forces in corrupt activities,” he said.

“Those are acts of blatant blackmail by a drowning thief. I have chosen to stand with the truth and no amount of threats to me, to my business interest will make me retreat from the truth.”

Kereke, who spoke for more than an hour to the chagrin of journalists, flew into a tangent and started accusing health minister Henry Madzorera of sabotaging his private hospital.

He said Madzorera, an MDC-T ministerial appointee, was reluctant to grant him the go ahead as was required by the law for him to start operating a new hospital he has expensively constructed right next door to his other one.

He also accused anti corruption commission member and former police boss Emmanuel Chimwanda, a top aide to Prime Minister Tsvangirai, of threatening him against revealing how the MDC-T leader allegedly embezzled funds from the RBZ to build his house.