Khaya-Moyo Denies Riches

Last week, The Financial Gazette quoted leaked United States (US) classified cables the former country’s ambassador to South Africa was among Zanu (PF) members and ministers who owned conservancies.

In a statement at the weekend, Khaya-Moyo said: “In your newspaper’s front page article dated 6-12 October 2011 titled Ministers strike it rich in conservancies: Wikileaks, my name appears as one senior party official owning a hunting conservancy in the Gwaai Valley Conservancy area. I neither own a conservancy in the said area nor in any part of Zimbabwe, period. The Ministry responsible or national parks can vouch that my name does not appear in their records relative to this matter.”
Zimbabwe’s war veterans violently took farms from white commercial farmers in 2001. It has been alleged that most of the farms have been grabbed by Zanu (PF) government ministers and party officials.