Khupe Takes Indefinite Sick Leave

Khupe confirmed to Radio VOP on Wednesday that she is not well and her doctors had advised to take a rest.

“Yes, I was not feeling well, but I think I am getting better now, my doctor has advised me to take some rest. But please tell me, who told you about all this,” asked Khupe.

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Khupe has been the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity since 11 February 2009. She is the first woman appointed to this post since Zimbabwe’s independence.

In 2010 she was elected as the President for the United Nations Aids/Global Women Power Network for Africa.

The network is responsible for creating a new and sustainable network of female legislators and ministers from Africa to fight HIV/Aids and implement the agenda for accelerated country action at national and regional levels.

Since 2000, she has been also the deputy chairperson of the Zimbabwe Parliamentary Women’s Caucus and has recently been appointed Humanitarian Coordinator. Thokozani Khupe has three children.