Killer Kombi Driver Jailed 6 Years

The driver of the commuter omnibus which ran over and killed a Girls High School student was on Wednesday slapped with an effective six years and eight months imprisonment.

In passing the sentence, Magistrate Elijah Makomo lambasted commuter omnibus drivers for recklessness and turning the country’s roads into a traffic jungle.

Wadzanai Mabika (pictured), represented by Nathaniel Chigoro, pleaded with the court to impose a short custodial sentence, saying his family is prepared to reimburse the costs incurred by the victim’s family. 

Mabika further claimed that he only ran away in fear of his life as the public could have meted out instant justice on him.

The state, represented by George Manokore and Lionella Chitanda, crushed Mabika’s pleas, arguing that he did not show any remorse as he eloped to hibernate in South Africa instead of seeking refuge at a police station.

Makomo also blasted Mabika, an adult of 41 years, for showing the highest degree of recklessness by driving and speeding against oncoming traffic during the rush hour.

He said stiffer penalties will deter would-be offenders and restore sanity on the country’s roads. 

Mabika was driving against the flow of traffic when he ran over a 17-year-old student and injured another person.