Killing Runs In The Family

Limpopo police’s Lieutenant Colonel Ronel Otto said Magnus Crossberg, 21, was released on R5,000 bail in the Musina Magistrate’s Court last week after he allegedly killed a Zimbabwean man during an argument.

He is the son of Jewell Crossberg, who is currently serving jail time for shooting dead a Zimbabwean man on his farm in the Musina district, after, he said, he mistook him for a baboon.

Otto said Crossberg junior got involved in a fight outside a Nando’s chicken outlet in Musina last Sunday.

The two men allegedly hit each other, and the Zimbabwean man was taken to hospital where he later died of his injuries.

Crossberg junior was arrested and charged with murder.

His case was postponed to early December.

His father was initially sentenced to 20 years in jail but the sentence was reduced to an effective jail time of three years by the Supreme Court of Appeal.