Kimberley Process Urged To Resolve Zim Diamond Issue

“The KP, due to the deadlock in its decision-making process and its experts’ ensuing indecision to allow rough diamond exports from Zimbabwe to resume, is about to cause irreparable damage throughout the entire to supply pipeline of our industry and trade, and threatens the livelihood of literally millions of people throughout the internationaldiamond and jewelry sector ” said WFDB President Avi Paz.

Paz emphasized that by perpetuating the current impasse in its decision making, the KP bears direct responsibility, not only for the reputational damage done to the diamond and jewelry sector, but also for a significant part of the economic hardship that continues to befall the people of Zimbabwe. “In addition, if the KP remains indecisive on [Zimbabwe], there is a real danger that the relevance of the KP itself will be at stake,” the WFDB president said.
Meanwhile, the WFDB president stressed that along with its strong statement, it had instructed all WFDB members to continue to follow the KP’s and the WFDB’s clear directives not to trade in rough diamonds without the proper KP certification.