King Shady Expected To Perform in the UK

Organisers of the show had sold the line that the popular reggae lyricist, King Shaddy failed to make it to the UK because his wife had just given birth.

On arrival Stunner in a video interview apologised for King Shaddy’s absence and although he did not mention the reason for that, he promised that King Shaddy would still make some of the shows

Radio VOP that attended the 17 December show in Luton where local artist Footprynce was the only act with something different to offer later established that King Shaddy had failed to make the trip because of visa complications.
A source said: “For the £25 that was charged that was the only statement that would have made people understand. Most people love the reggae artist better than Nox and Stunner because he is fresh and has something different to offer.”

The show was poorly attended because of the marketing and the astronomical entry charges.

Tichaona Monera one of the revelers that attended the show said: “At this time of the month for anyone to expect people to come out for a £25 show is rather ambitious. 17 December was a wrong day and King Shaddy not coming was another set back.”

Stunner, a well-known Zimbabwean hip-hop artist has been a very consistent artist. His song Godo topped the charts for many weeks and it is one of the most played Zimbabwean songs on YouTube. Stunner is well-known for his impeccable dancing abilities, his humorous and entertaining songs.

This December tour is looking to be one of the biggest tours ever organised by a Zimbabwean promotion company, with Zimbabwean artists for the Zimbabwean people.

Dj King Alfred and P-Roc will be on the decks supporting the artists and making sure the audience is kept entertained.