Kingston Lies About Throwing $3 000 To Fans

“ I love my fans in Africa.I just threw $3 000 in the crowd –I love to give back man, best feeling ever,” says his Facebook page.
However according to fans who attended both the Friday and Saturday shows nothing of that sort happened.

“ I did not see any money. What the hell is the guy talking about. I can just tell you that the show was a boring performance, ” said Davis Takuneni, one of the fans who attended both shows.

Many journalists who attended also concurred and complained on Facebook about the rapper’s open lies.The show started well with the rapper belting some of his plug tracks like, beautiful girls but fizzled out as the show progressed.Clint Robinson, the CEO of C&A Entertainment, the organisers of the show was defensive: “ The way these musicians play in the US is different from the way we want it here. There was nothing wrong in the way he played. It was not a bad show in all counts. ”

The 20-year-old Kingston played backtracks and did not bring a live band.Kennedy Mutizira said: “ We were simply robbed. These artists should never take us for granted when they come here. We know what we want.”

Kingston arrived in the country on Thursday night and had a bad start with journalists and fans as he snubbed them on arrival at Harare International Airport.Kingston is expected to stage another show in Malawi.