KISS- FM Challenges BAZ Licensing Decision

KISS-FM spokesperson and non executive Sharon Mugabe said on Wednesday their legal practitioners Scanlen & Holderness, filed a Notice of Appeal in the Administrative Court challenging this decision.

Mugabe said that the decision will be challenged on the grounds that the Authority made crucial oversights in its adjudication process.

“KISS-FM is convinced that, amongst other factors, the Authority failed to take into account a number of material considerations, which led to their decision to deny KISS-FM a radio licence,” said Mugabe.

Confirming KISS-FM’s position, Sternford Moyo, the Chairman and Senior Partner of Scanlen & Holderness said, “The decision will be challenged on the grounds, among others, that the Authority had erred and misdirected itself in failing to take into account or in giving insufficient weight to a number of material considerations or in giving weight or excessive weight to considerations which were immaterial”.

Mugabe added that the group believes that they submitted a substantive and compelling proposal in the hope of bringing diversity to Zimbabwe’s airwaves, the strength of which should have resulted in being awarded a licence.

KISS –FM which is 100% Zimbabwean owned.

Mugabe further highlighted the strength of their collective experience through a directorship and management that in addition to herself, a businesswoman includes leading businessman and Chairman of KISS-FM Douglas Munatsi, and familiar names in broadcasting CEO designate Musi Khumalo, George Munetsi, Bertha Charuma and Tony Ndoro.

Complimenting the business and media expertise, iconic musician and philanthropist and KISS-FM non executive director, Oliver Mtukudzi will champion KISS-FM’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme which commits to be the custodian of Zimbabwean culture and to nurture young Zimbabweans.

In a concluding statement, Mugabe said, “Kiss- FM sees the licensing matter as one of public and national interest, and is encouraged by the on-going conversation in the public domain. KISS -FM has the potential to elevate radio and broadcasting in Zimbabwe to the world-class standards which the people of Zimbabwe deserve”.