Koffi Olomide Deported From Kenya For Kicking Female Dancer

NAIROBI — Kenyan authorities have deported a popular Congolese musician accused of assaulting a female member of his band on Friday.

George Wajackoyah, a lawyer for the entertainer known as Koffi Olomide, said his client was deported early Saturday along with three dancers in his ensemble.


Footage posted on social media shows Olomide kicking the woman, one of his dancers, as they lined up at the airport in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.


The incident sparked outrage on social media, with many Kenyans calling for Olomide’s arrest.


Olomide denied assaulting anyone in an interview with a local broadcaster.


Olomide, who has toured in Africa and Europe, is popular for his performance of a style of music called “soukous,” in which dancers rhythmically shake their hips in seemingly erotic routines.


Africa News Agency