Kombi operator threatens to shoot whole TellZim News staff

…says he brought a gun from South Africa

Brighton Chiseva

ZAKA – A Jerera based combi operator Peter Chiware recently threatened to shoot the whole of TellZim News staff over a story in which his girlfriend almost killed his wife in a brawl over him.

The story was published last week and Chiware called TellZim News threatening to come and shoot the whole newsroom claiming that he had brought the gun from South Africa.

He went on to send threatening massages on WhatsApp saying the reporter had to come and apologize or face the consequences.

“If you had lived in South Africa you would have known what I’m talking about. If you don’t come to apologize South Africa will come here. You have to choose between coming to apologize or get revenge,” said Chiware.

Chiware had an affair with a widow who lives about 50 meters from his home and was caught by his wife after she came across some suggestive messages.

When she confronted the widow (name supplied) she was attacked by the mistress who used a hoe handle and had to be rushed to Musiso Hospital where she was admitted for a few days.

Chiware’s mistress is said to be a member of a Madzibaba church sect led by popular prophet Madzibaba Jairai.

Fellow church mates said she was putting the name of their church into disrepute by her behavior which they say warranted her dismissal from the church.

People close to the family claim that Chiware is a womanizer who was sleeping with a number of married and widowed women in the area.

He is said to be in a relationship with a teacher’s wife at Murembwa Primary School among other women.


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