Kunonga-Anglican Priest Conducts Sermon For Four People

The church sermon was delivered by a Pastor Mudzinganyama who belongs to the Kunonga led Anglican Church.
In attendance were just four people in a spacious church hall which could accommodate up to 100 people. Among the congregants was Terence Kunonga who sources in the church believe is Kunonga’s son.
Sources at the church said Terence has taken over the church premises and has since turned some of the properties at St Luke into his own living quarters and is making moves to rent out some of them.
While Mudzinganyama was battling to attract numbers at his sermon, another faction of the church which belongs to Gandiya’s group was battling to accommodate huge numbers of congregants under a tree at the nearby Clide Shopping Centre while another group had to hire out the nearby Rhodesville Roman Catholic Church hall for use.
The Anglican Church has been torn apart by power struggles between Kunonga and Sebastian Bakare and lately Chad Gandiya following the former’s decision to pull out the Church from the Church of England.
This followed the Church of England’s decision to uphold the rights of gays and lesbians. Incensed by the move Kunonga a rabid supporter of
President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party took the unprecedented decision to call time off his church membership to the larger Anglican Church family.
Ironically Mugabe hold strong reservations over gays and lesbians whom he says are worse than pigs. His resentment of the gays and lesbians grew stronger after famous British gay activist Peter Thatchell attempted to effect a citizen arrest on him during a visit to Europe.
Following the unprecedented decision taken by Kunonga, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers were roped in to support Kunonga in his bid to wrestle the church properties.
The police would often harass worshipers belonging to the Bakare/Gandiya group from accessing church properties.
A High Court ruling passed in 2008 directed that the two factions use the church properties together at different intervals.
In recent weeks Gandiya has been leading solidarity church services at the Africa Unity Square Gardens located just directly opposite the church’s Central Cathedral.