KZN Xenophobic Attacks: Zulu Royal Household Distances Itself

The Zulu Royal Household has distanced itself from the escalating xenophobic attacks on foreigners in KwaZulu-Natal.

Foreign nationals living in and around Isiphingo area such as Kenville and Parlock, were forced to spend their night at the local police station following a number of incidents of attacks and looting.

They claim a number of them were injured during the attacks and had to flee their residences to the police station with women and young children.

They say the attack comes after King Goodwill Zwelithini’s call that they should go back to their countries of origin.

Chairperson of the Royal Household Trust Judge Jerome Ngwenya says the King was misquoted in the media and that the King has no issues with any foreign national regardless of his or her country of origin.

The Royal Household adds that it is regrettable that inaccurate reporting by the media is now being abused by some opportunists who are committing criminal acts.

It says the King has only asked the law enforcement agencies to take tougher action against illegal immigrants who mainly come into the country for the purpose of committing crime.

“Even the media itself once it picks up that report,  not one of them says can I have the original document. If it is a document, they continue reporting what other newspapers have already reported. It is unfair that if the media – in a matter sensitive as it has made it now – will say we have got a recording but we are not prepared to release it to you and yet you must keep on commenting as if we are trying to hide something. In terms of responsible reporting, we want to put this matter to rest as soon as it can, otherwise it can escalate and have other dimensions,” says Chairperson of the Royal; Household Trust Jerome Ngwenya.

The attacked foreign nationals are currently housed at the Isiphingo police station until authorities attend to their plight.  

Non-Governmental Organisation Gift of the Givers has supplied them with food parcels and blankets.

The shops of foreign nationals have since been closed and a strong police presence has been deployed to monitor the situation.