Land Audit Will Cause War – Zanu PF Activist

Interviewed by the state broadcaster, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation on Wednesday night, Goodson Nguni said: “ The Minister of Finance is forwarding MDC’s agenda in the inclusive government. He is representing the whites and by allocating funds to the land audit he wants the whites to come back…If he insists that the land audit should carry on he is declaring a war. Land audit represents the MDC, which wants to sabotage the land reform..”.

He also warned that the MDC wanted to use the constitution process as a platform for regime change.

He said the US 31 million allocated to the land audit and the US 43 million given to the constitution making process should have been given to new black farmers.

The ZBC also interviewed Agriculture Minister Joseph Made who said that non-productivity on farms had been caused by the western sanctions.

Zanu PF has been pressurizing the MDC to campaign against the sanctions, saying it is part of the new unity government deal.