Last Member Of Four Brothers Band dies

Sibanda who had assumed leadership of one of Zimbabwe’s greatest and most enduring bands, the Four Brothers, died at his Chitungwiza home at the age of 51.Relatives said he fell ill three months before his death. He was buried at Zinyengere cemetery in Epworth. His death seals the fate of the group which created waves in the country in the 80s and 90s.
Sibanda’s brother, Hopemore Chirimhanzi said the nation had been left poorer: “He was a star of music and his family. This loss is hard to bear. We loved him and he loved us back and Zimbabwe wanted him to revive the music of the four brother a thing he was most eager to do. Now he has died with their legacy.”

Sibanda joined the Four Brothers then fronted by Munhumumwe, in 1994.The Four Brothers was established in 1977 out of the ashes of the Great Sounds, and eventually became one of Zimbabwe’s most popular musical acts.
The success of the band came from the fact that they blended the Chimurenga beat with rhumba. Munhumumwe died in 2001 at the age of 49 and the following year bass guitarist Never Mutare died. Of the original band who recorded Manga Manga in 1998 and toured Ireland in 1999 only Frank Sibanda had been living up to this day. Sibanda is survived by his wife, five children and two grandchildren.