Last Woman On Death Row Saved By New Constitution

Zimbabwe no longer has female prisoners on death row in compliance with the new constitution.

The country’s sole female prisoner on death row has been removed after her sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.

Shylet Sibanda, the only female inmate who was on death row for the murder of Daniel Sithole committed together with the help of her husband Tongai Zireni Mutengerere and a family friend Darlington Nyaungwe, withdrew her concourt application seeking a review of her death sentence on Wednesday.

Sibanda, through Advocate Fadzi Mahere, withdrew her matter on the basis that her death sentence has since been commuted to life imprisonment.

Sibanda and her accomplices were all sentenced to death by hanging by Justice Felistus Chatukuta for murdering Sithole in 2010 and stealing the deceased’s vehicle.

The three committed the offence in 2010 and were sentenced to death by the High Court after Justice Chatukuta found no extenuating circumstances.

According to the State, Mutengerere is said to have used his wife to call Sithole pretending that she wanted to hire his truck to go and pick up a motor vehicle engine at Kamutanho Village in Zimunya, a few kilometers from Mutare.

The court heard that Sibanda fell for the trap, agreed to the contract and charged the woman 50 dollars for the job.

The late Sibanda picked up Mutengerere’s wife at green market in Mutare and proceeded to pick up Mutengerere and Nyaungwe at Sakubva bus terminus.

Mutengerere and Nyaungwe occupied the front seat, while Sibanda was at the back of the truck with her baby and they proceeded towards Zimunya.

As they arrived at Bazel Bridge road, Nyaungwe suddenly grabbed Sibanda by the throat, choking him.

Nyaungwe stabbed him twice in the stomach, his hands and legs were tied together and he was dragged into the bush where he later died.