Late Edison Sithole Is Haunting Zanu (PF)

Garikai Sithole, an ex-soldier, who says his father’s ghost is haunting Zanu (PF), said claims by the Fallen Heroes Trust that his father’s remains had been found last month were not true.

“We shall not be fooled by those war veterans. We know they are being sent by Zanu (PF) to tell the nation such stupid utterances. Our father’s spirit is haunting them, they are guilty of some sort and they want to clear their guilty conscience,” said Garikai.

Garikai said Sithole family will not accept anything from Fallen Heroes Trust unless they have a ‘scientific explanation’ to prove that the remains found were from his father.

“We will not take the claims lightly as a family. The utterances are not only ridiculous but insulting to us. We know they want to pretend as if they know where our father is, but we want an explanation of how our father was killed.

“Remember, there are several theories as to how our father was killed. Some say he was thrown in acid,” said Garikai.

Rangarirai Sithole, another family member, said: “We have been provoked by this claim. Some people, especially Zanu (PF) top brass owes us an explanation. They know what happened, they feel guilty and they now want to please us by lying.

“We also want to know what happened to Miriam and the Mhlanga family should be compensated by the government,” said Rangarirai.

Garikai said some Zanu (PF) officials had approached Edison Sithole junior and tried to bribe him to accept war veterans’ claims.

“They had approached my young brother Edie and they have since offered him a job but as a family we have resolved not to tolerate any nosense in as far as our father whereabouts is concerned,” added Garikai.

Speaking during a media tour of a mass grave at Mukaradzi about 10km outside Mt Darwin last month, the Trust’s chief exhumer, Jimmy Motsi could only say Sithole’s body and that of his secretary were dumped in Harare province.