Late Vice President Nkomo's Son Supports Devolution

Currently there is a call by MDC formations and civic groups for the compensation of Gukurahundi victims but Zanu (PF) has been rejecting it. More than 20 000 people were killed during Gukurahundi massacres conducted by 5th Brigade soldiers in the late 1980s in Matebeleland and Midlands regions.

Sibangilizwe Nkomo told Radio VOP that he was fully behind the inclusion of devolution of power in the new constitution.

“As someone from Matebeleland I fully support devolution of power in the new constitution. Devolution of power should be a starting point to resolve the issue of Gukurahundi  victims’ compensation. It will be used to heal these wounds as those traumatised will be free to talk about it and get assistance. Devolution of power actually makes a lot of sense. I don’t see any reason why we waited for 32 years to have devolution of power.”

President Robert Mugabe has rejected “devolution of power” saying Zimbabwe is too small for that and it will also divide Zimbabweans.

Zimbabwe Human rights organisations, civic society groups, pressure groups and other opposition political parties have called for the urgent implementation of devolution of power to stop the continued marginalisation of some provinces.

They argue that devolution of power would uplift some of the country’s provinces that had remained marginalised since Independence in 1980.