Law Society Clampdown on Deliquent Lawyers

The LSZ reported lawyers to the judges early this month alleging that some of them were conducting themselves in an unprofessional manner which warrants the judges to raise complaints against them.

In a memorandum addressed to Judge President George Chiweshe, the LSZ appealed to judges to report acts of misconduct in order to nip misbehaviour among the legal practitioners.

“A realisation has been made through various platforms of interaction between the LSZ and the judiciary that some of the conduct being displayed by legal practitioners as officers of the court is below professionally acceptable standards. The LSZ Council would like to enlist the support of the judiciary in curbing instances of professional misconduct,” reads part of a letter written to Chiweshe by LSZ executive secretary Edward Mapara entitled “LSZ request for judges’ complaints against members of LSZ”.

Mapara said the LSZ would take action against lawyers once the regulatory body receives alerts about any delinquencies.

“I therefore write to kindly request you and all judges of the high court to assist by referring all the complaints of unprofessional conduct by legal practitioners for actioning by the LSZ. I further highlight the long held practice of judges mero muto referring all cases of prima facie misconduct to the LSZ for noting and taking appropriate action,” Mapara said.

In response to the LSZ request, High Court Judge Lavender Makoni, who heads the court’s civil division advised all judges in the court’s civil division to pass on their “views, comments and actions” emanating from Mapara’s letter.