Lawyers Name And Shame Police Torturers

Gift Mtisi, a member of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights identified the police officers from Glen Norah police station as Inspector Kwiyo, Assistant Inspector Dube, Constable Cherengo, Constable Muponya, Constable Willie, Constable Marimira, Constable Ncube and Constable Muhonde.

Mukoyi, the youth chairperson for the MDC Harare province was assaulted and tortured by the police in April after his arrest and detention at Glen Norah police station.

The MDC youth leader was arrested on 9 April 2011 during a church service organised to pray for peace that was suppressed when police stormed the church hall during prayer and swooped on congregants and a clergyman. Mukoyi was charged with contravening Section 89 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act for allegedly assaulting Emmanuel Jeketera, a police officer with clenched fists and booted feet all over his body at Chitubu Shopping Centre in Glen Norah suburb.

As a result of the assault and torture Mukoyi sustained injuries all over his body and suffered a broken neck that had to be supported by a cervical collar.

Mukoyi is demanding $200 000 from the Ministry of Home Affairs as well as police commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri and eight of his officers for unlawful arrest and torture. The litigation follows Mukoyi’s recent acquittal on the charges.

“Our client was unlawfully assaulted and tortured by Inspector Kwiyo and other officers whose force numbers are not known by our client on 9 April 2011 being police officers stationed at Glen Norah.

During the suppression of the prayer meeting, the police indiscriminately fired tear gas canisters at residences and churches surrounding the venue of the church service while children who were within and outside the parameters of the church were affected by the tear smoke.

The church service was organised by a coalition of churches under the theme “Saving Zimbabwe… the unfinished journey”.

The church service was aimed at presenting an opportunity to pray for peace in Zimbabwe as part of the process of finishing the journey to save the country.