Lawyers Summoned Over Anglican Church Feud

Chidyausiku on Tuesday ordered lawyers representing the Bishop Chad Gandiya-led Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) and those aligned to ex-communicated Anglican Bishop Nolbert Kunonga to report to his chambers at 12:00 on Wednesday.

Although the agenda of the meeting was not clear, informed sources indicated that Chidyausiku wanted to engage the lawyers over the church feud which escalated following a ruling which he delivered last month in favour of Kunonga and giving him custody and entitlement to some Anglican church property.

“Please be advised that the Honourable Chief Justice will see the parties’ legal practitioners at 12:00 noon on Wednesday 14th September 2011,” reads part of the brief letter written by Supreme Court Registrar,  Nomonde Mazabane.

The summoning of the lawyers representing the two Anglican factions has prompted the rescheduling of a hearing of an urgent chamber application from 12:00 to 14:00 PM on Wednesday, filed by rights group, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights challenging the Writ of Ejectment issued in favour of Kunonga’s faction and which he has relied upon to evict Priests and administrators loyal to Gandiya.

In August, the Chief Justice ruled that while he reinstated the appeal filed by the CPCA, he categorically stated that ‘the appeal shall not suspend the operation of the order’ giving the ex-communicated Kunonga
full custody of Anglican properties, yet the Zanu (PF) sympathiser had left the Anglican Church voluntarily to form his own Province of Zimbabwe.

Since the granting of the Supreme Court order, members of the Anglican Church affiliated to Bishop Gandiya have been on the receiving end and have received constant threats, harassment and lately severe beatings from Kunonga’s hooligans, masquerading as clergy.

The latest casualties were three care givers who were on Monday evicted from Shearley Cripps Home, an orphanage in Murewa leaving more than 100 orphans vulnerable.

Kunonga’s loyalists evicted the three Sisters, namely Sister Dorothy, the Matron, Sister Plaxedes and Sister Anna Chitsura basing their actions on a Writ of Ejectment, which they obtained on September, 12, 2011 after the ex-communicated Bishop caused the Registrar of the High Court to issue it against the Bishop Gandiya led faction.