Learn The Ropes First, Sikhala Advises Chamisa

Harare, May 26, 2014-Maverick MDC-T member Job Sikhala has warned ‘ambitious’ party organising secretary Nelson Chamisa that he is “still junior” to think  of leading the opposition movement.He advised Chamisa to concentrate on learning the ropes.Addressing a rally yesterday at the Zimbabwe Grounds, Highfields, Harare, to commemorate Africa Day, Sikhala warned Chamisa that he still has a long way to go in politics before he lands the armband and should get tutorials from his senior.

“I was asking  Chamisa  the other day  that  where was  he  getting  the ambition from that he can be  party president. Chamisa, you are still a  young boy like me, you still have a long way to go, remember when (Morgan) Tsvangirai  first contested Mugabe,  he was only 51 years old and you are  21 years away from that (sic). As for me, I am now   40 and am 11 years away,” Sikhala said.

“If we go to heaven, you and me (Chamisa and Sikhala), God will never forgive us if Tsvangirai does not rule this country even for one term alone, let’s give him some time. Ngatimbo pawo mudhara wedu, mukana atongewo vakomana (let us give him the time to rule). We are learning from him, when the time comes, we will take over from him and also lead the party and rule this country.”Chamisa has been accused by some party officials, who are aligned to the renewal team led by secretary-general Tendai Biti, of being power hungry and sowing seeds of division in the party which has lead to the current discontentment.The former Information, Communication and Technology minister during the inclusive government is 36 years old.

In response, Chamisa said it was the obligation of  people at the congress to elect a leader of their choice.

“Sikhala, you should know one thing, that Morgan Tsvangirai did not place himself there, he was placed where he is by these people that you see gathered here,” said Chamisa, as he tried to down play the issue.

Sikhala said Zimbabweans were struggling to make ends meet under the current regime.

“Until when shall we continue to be under a single yoke of dictatorship?” Sikhala asked.

“It’s high time we demand our freedom, let me tell you this,  (President Robert) Mugabe does not own this country. .. people are now surviving on five rand per day, Gaddafi and Hosni Mubarak  tried it,  but where are they now,  the people said enough is enough one.”


Zimbabwe Mail