Legislator blasts Renco Mine for drinks bonus

… as employees scavenge for scrap metal to survive

By Brighton Chiseva

MASVINGO – Member of Parliament for Masvingo South Claudius Maronge has blasted Rio Zim’s Renco Mine for awarding its employees two 300ml soft drinks as a token of appreciation for meeting their monthly targets.

Maronge said Renco Mine was failing to pay its workers reasonably and many were living in poverty as witnessed by the scrap metal rush.

Renco Mine asked its workers to bring empty bottles to collect two 300ml soft drinks each as a token of appreciation for the good production achieved in the month of June which they collected.

After the workers received their drinks, Maronge said he called the mine authorities to express his displeasure with what he regarded as an insult.

“I called them to enquire why such a big organisation could give workers drinks for their hard work and they claimed that it was just an extra complement following a monetary bonus for reaching a monthly target,” said Maronge.

Maronge accused the mining company of failing to fulfill in its social responsibility despite acknowledging that they were meeting their output targets.

“They claim to be meeting their targets but they are failing to do their social responsibility. They are not helping to develop the area and are failing to pay their workers. We expect them to be improving roads that link Renco Mine and other areas. The Renco Turnoff Road and the Mashate Road are very bad and they should be gravelled.

“We also expect them to improve services at Jena Rural Hospital where the surrounding communities get health services since their clinic only tends to their workers and their immediate family members,” said Maronge.

There has been an increase in Renco Mine workers visiting the dumpsite to scavenge and dig up old scrap metal for sale so as to complement their meagre earnings.

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