Legislators Chased Out of Hotels

Out of Harare legislators who come on parliament business reside in luxurious hotels while on duty.

The hotels charge at least US$80 per night.

“Since last week Legislators where moving from one hotel to the other as they were being chased out because of non bill payment by the government. This is one of the issues which were discussed in the emergency caucus meeting that was held by the two MDCs and ZANU (PF),”ZANU (PF) chief whip Jorum Gumbo told Radio VOP Friday in Harare.

In the joint meeting the smaller MDC faction was being represented by Edward Mkhosi while Innocent Gonese -all chief whips stood in for the mainstream MDC.

Gumbo said the meeting also discussed the issue of allowance arrears which government owes to Harare legislators dating back from 2008 when they were elected.

Local MPs are supposed to get half of the amount paid to hotels for their visiting counterparts.

“We are talking if elections being held anytime soon and if they are held next month what will then happen to the arrears. Some of the MPS have since died and their relatives have not benefited. The MPS now feel that promises made to them by the government are not being fulfilled, “he said.

Gumbo said they have resolved that Parliament’s Standing Rules and Orders Committee should be pushed to resolve all the outstanding issues.

In January Members of Parliament and Senators were paid $15 000 each in outstanding allowances.

The arrears were settled after legislators had exchanged harsh words with their chiefs accusing the whips and (Parliament’s) Standing Rules and Orders Committee of not representing them.

The term of the current seating MPs ends in 2013 and they are worried that if they are not given their dues now they will never get them.