Lengthens Directors Fight Over Mteki's Transfer Fees

The five directors are fighting over who should get the chunk of the US$40 000 that Mambas paid for permanent transfer of Mteki to Mambas.

At the centre of the storm is who should get more than the other since the directors made different contributions towards the running costs of the team since the team was in the second division way back in 2003.

A source revealed that some of the directors want a share of varrying sums according to contributions made over that period while others want an equal distribution of the $40 000 paid for Mteki.

The five directors of the club are President Beadle Musa Gwasira, who is also fixtures secretary of the Premier Soccer League, chairman Irvine Mereki, vice chairman Brian Mafirambudzi, financial director and club founder John Chikoch i and director Tonderai Mafuso.

Ironically Gwasira, Mafirambudzio, Chikochi and Mafuso are relatives.

Sources revealed that financial resources had dried up at the club. The once Happy People are no longer happy as the club can no longer even afford to pay transport fees for their players from the stadium after the game. The finances according to sources had been going down since the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe decided to introduce the multiple currency system.

The club had for years refused to sell Mteki but had agreed this time around to ease the frinancial crisis at the once flamboyant Harare PSL team.

Most of the team’s players deserted the club during the second transfer period while coach Josten Mathuthu had not been paid and is at the club on a voluntary basis.

Chikochi who normally speaks on behalf of the club could not be reached for a comment on the issue. Lengthens are at the moment in the relegation zone as they are placed third from the bottom on the 16 team Premier Soccer League table.