Letter To Joshua Nkomo: Father Zimbabwe, We Are Now A Nation Of 14 Million Orphans

Dear Father Zimbabwe

Is it by coincidence that on this day, 1 July and exactly 17 years since your sad departure from this earth, there was violence in Beitbridge that saw business as Southern Africa’s busiest border post come to a halt?

Founding father of the nation, I strongly believe that your spirit lives, and watching in disgust, a state Zimbabwe has turned to be.

In this day, your orphans remember and mourn a father who had their children at heart whilst some vultures, who still don’t believe their victory, that you are gone, make use of this day annually to make sure that you are gone for good, with certainty and assurance, they then charge violently towards your orphans to subject them to all forms of slavery and torture.

Long Live the Spirit of a true revolutionary! The spirit of a true gallant son of the soil! Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo, Mafukufuku, Chibwechitedza, Ramatsatsi, Father Zimbabwe!

The chaos that erupted at the Beitbridge border post which resulted to the burning down of state facilities came exactly 17 years after your untimely departure from this earth.

Father Zimbabwe, you left behind a growing number of orphans. As I write this letter to you, the number of orphans you left behind has grown to 14 million. Some have involuntarily vacated the land you sacrificed your life for.

Those who have been forced by bravery, optimism and desperation to remain behind have been watching desperately Zimbabwe going down with them.

The Robert Mugabe led gang of thieves, abductors, rapists and murderers once again looked east. We are a youthful generation, but memory as a weapon has armed us with history. We all know that the last time Mugabe and his regime had a dog marriage in the east, it was with the North Koreans, which resulted in mass killing of your faithful.

However, the recent marriage is with a different partner and for different reasons. This time China is the new man on the land, going to bed with this regime in exchange for Zimbabwean resources.

They have connived with Mugabe’s regime to plunder everything you fought for. Mugabe himself stood up to confess before the nation the extravagant couple of his regime and China robbed your orphans of their diamonds worth $15 billion.

It should not be a surprise that the regime led by a man who once bayed for your head, calling you all sort of names, abusing you physically and mentally, is today responsible for the suffering of your orphans.

The people you left in power have ever since, been taking turns to rape, murder, starve, instil fear and subject all forms of torture and slavery to your orphans among a host of all other cruelties.

Some of them have even traded the spirit of Ubuntu/Unhu.

We are governed by the ruthless regime. It is molesting us every day. They have plundered everything, now they have nothing to loot and destroy, thanks to your living spirit and that of other revolutionaries who were betrayed by the struggle, they have even reached a point where they are now devouring each other.

Father Zimbabwe, the youthful population of your orphans is short of the kind of courage, zeal, bravery that you and your disciplined lieutenants, in the mould of Lookout Masuku,  Dumiso Dabengwa, Nikita Mangena had when together with the Zanla forces, collectively took to the ground to bring to rest racial discrimination and the minority white supremacy.

It is your wisdom and bravery and that of the likes Solomon Mujuru, Josiah Tongogara, Thenjiwe Lesabe,  Hebert Chitepo, Jaison Ziyaphapha Moyo and all other true revolutionaries who have been long forgotten by re-written pseudo history, that we desire in this time of need.

We are a very unconscious generation, thanks to the social media which you unfortunately never lived to witness with your physical eyes, the oppressor has been spared from real threat.

As much as these spaces are convenient forms of communication, they have become comfort zones where we desperately spend our time on. A comfort zone is surely a nice place desired by everyone, but both human experience and divine revelation bears testimony to the fact that nothing grows in such zones.

Activism of this generation is now coupled with cowardice as we have been reduced to mere keyboard activists.

Your orphans are faced with treacherous and violent politics masterminded and approved by Robert Mugabe, his wife and his looters’ club. They have strayed away from the founding principles of the liberation struggle.

War veterans who happen to be the main characters of the real liberation struggle have been replaced in the “liberation struggle fiction” movie by new characters, among them Grace Mugabe whom real history knows as Robert Mugabe’s secretary.

Jonathan Moyo, who chickened out during the liberation struggle is now author of the script of this childish fiction movie.

May your spirit torment these paedophiles dressed as leader. They have done more harm than good to your orphans. Your untimely departure presented to them an opportunity to surround your remains as if they are mourning your untimely death, yet like vultures, they had a sole intention of devouring the remains. Without shame, they even deep their noses in the pie you left behind for your orphans.

We value unity and peace you preached till your last breath, but we have reached a point where we have seen it necessary to divorce ourselves with these thieves who use the patriotism and the liberation struggle to loot our resources, molest us and kill those who move to their opposite direction.

By Ronald Moyo

Ronald Moyo is a youth activist. He is Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy (YARD) National secretary for External Affairs and Matabeleland South Provincial Command Spokesperson. He can be contacted on the following email address: ronaldbmoyo@gmail.com