Letters To Sam Mtukudzi, From Mom And Dad

I pace about the corridors of life. I feel you mwanangu. I prepare your favourite dish. We dine together. A broken mother’s tale. Wishful thinking where God has adjudicated. But must I not dream?
How does a mother survive this? Prayer perhaps?

The greatest gift of music you left us keeps me strong…its reassuring, soothing the shredded heart of a mother.

As I talk to you today sing for me once more: “Amai varamba rombe pamusha pavo, hupenyu huno kuti zvifambe unotodya Cheziya.”

Sing for me again: “Ndinotenda nerudo rwawakandipa, rwaunondipa rwauchandipa mangwana nekusingaperi mwanangu.”

I want to hear you play: “Uyu mwana chiyedza murima.”

Sing aloud mwanangu: “Mweya famba zvakanaka. Ini chishuwo changu pamwana uyo rwendo rwake rwekudenga afambe zvakanaka.”

Sing too my son: “Musakabire mashoko musati mazvionera mega, muchimureva wangu (mwana). Guhwa rinopfumbira pane chakanaka, muromo unoparadza panechakanaka, muri ngwarire(guhwa).”

Your great words, profound, prophetic. Forever etched in my memory.

The words ring in my mind more meaningfully now than before. You’ll touch my heart always. Touch the souls of angels amongst you today.

I miss you. I am working to fulfill your aspirations. But the pain is unbearable mwanangu. Help me.
Maybe the mother’s resilience will see me through.

I must rest now.

Ndini amai vako,

Sam son, its dad calling

One year today I lost a beloved son Sam in a horrific accident in Harare.
Today I spare very special thoughts to the memory of my boy, gone too soon.
The loss, that left a crater in my heart, is a fresh wound. I pray hard God gives me strength today that I can celebrate memories of the 21 years with my son

We are mere mortals. We live to die and die we must. It’s not for man to decide. But the creator.

My plans with you now in total disarray. Did I know God had his own plans for you too? Ndakaronga Dondo.

A man cries for his son. I must cry, Sam. It’s no weakness crying. Outpouring grief is the inner strength to express my feelings for you.

Your departure hurts me so much, son. The wound won’t heal because it can’t heal. But survive I must and continue your legacy. There is no time.

Son, we die to resurrect in the memories everlasting in the hearts of our loved ones. I love you son.

Pleasant memories I relish daily…joking, laughing together, engaging the man-to-man issues. Inga wange watova Rume Rimwe pakati pevamwe varume. Ndiyo Nzou yandinoziva iyoyo.

Your guitar, your saxophone, my own guitar. We went to sing ballads for the people. Only memories remain now.

The journey of life we walked side-by-side as father and son. But as friends too. I can’t betray your vision your dreams. I must accomplish for you.

In another world this day, I know you’re still the son I knew…a happy guy singing happy songs, edifying music. I know you’re shining too, smart and making new friends.

I’m proud of you mhuru yeNzou.

Yours daddy,

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