LINDIWE MPOFU: Meet the most inspirational woman in the mining industry in Zimbabwe

Over the past years women have always been on the peripheries in both sectors of the economy, even in politics and the social setup.

By Rudairo Dickson Mapuranga

The Mining industry according to some experts is a very complex and crucial field to enter and it requires certain skills for one to stand ground and flourish. Mining unlike other sectors requires strength, patience and charisma for one to venture into, it is up to women to fight and become professional that they may not be pushed on the fringes of the sector.

The government also needs to put in place policies that give a certain average pro-to women without emphasizing on dependence. According to one mining expert the mining sector is already open to women, “the sector is open but women have to push opportunities for themselves, work hard and be recognized in the mining sector.

The government can only help to a certain extent, much emphasis on women might bring dependency which we don’t want” he said. The government has a lot to do in order to empower women in mining , women are not used to much challenges in life therefore orientation needs to start from their mental faculty, perhaps formation of mining clubs for women and holding of mining clinics is ideal in women empowerment

Mining Zimbabwe believes that women need to stand up and force through their way without waiting for handouts. The same opportunities men are using, women can do likewise, and waiting for government intervention can be dramatic and chaotic thus bringing in unnecessary arguments and tensions.

Our magazine crew have found one of the most influential women in the mining industry in Zimbabwe. She is an inspiration whom other women intending to venture in the mining sector can look up to. They can as well push for the changes necessary and the growth of the sector like Lindiwe Mpofu have proved to be doing. Lindiwe was very influential and instrumental in the push towards review of the chrome sector in Zimbabwe.

Who is Lindiwe Mpofu?

She is a shareholder in a Chrome Mining Venture Alaska Mining located in Guruve. Lindiwe is also a director at the mine which produces 4000tonne per month operation. She is currently the Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) Vice President – Women’s Affairs. She is also the 2nd National Chrome Representative, Member of the MMCZ Chrome Consultative Group, Ex Vice Chair of Guruve Mining Association Board of Executives. Shareholder in Uhuru Mining with South African Partners and an Agent for Xander Resources South Africa. Lindi currently works as a Consultant with Mantle Consultancy Group and is the Co-founder of its subsidiary Company Mantle Mineral Resources an established Mining Consultancy outfit.

Role in the mining sector.

She was involved in the successful formation of an inter-ministerial agreement between three major coal mining firms in Zimbabwe. She actively participated in the proposal and negotiations of a Chrome Beneficiation Proposal Investment case under Coalbrick/ COPAZ with the Government of Zimbabwe identifying local idle capacity in chrome smelting and utilizing such capacity through an appropriate investment structure with the shareholders of such infrastructure and setting up a greenfield project with the help of a technical partner to build furnaces. (during the chrome ban).

She possesses sound expertise in the areas of mine Management and project coordination, commodity sourcing and distribution services. Her commitment and work ethic have assisted in her earned reputation for reliably acquiring, marketing and moving commodities. Here we have a woman who defined all the odds in a male dominated industry and can be an inspiration to women in mining.

Where is Lindi coming from?

Experienced, multi-faceted MBA Business Consultant Professional with 18 years working experience.

Lindi has worked on several projects overseas and in Africa with leading companies across several industries most recently in the last 9 years in the mining industry.

She boasts working experience in establishing mining operational processes, international trade relations, investor relations, business enhancement and performance. Expert knowledge of Chrome Ore, Coal, Gold and Tantalite.

Consistent record of success in trading minerals, co-ordination of resource identification and verification, claims registration and regulatory requirements, ensuring trade compliances. She has been instrumental in the development of its diversified portfolio with some of the world’s largest metal companies.

Lindi has developed a strong network of metals and mining experts across developed and emerging economies. Lindi over the years has participated in project facilitation, Investment and Trade Deals – Facilitation of investment into start up mining operations, facilitation of resuscitation of Mining operations and Offtake Agreements within the mining sector. She has actively worked on turnaround programs, operational improvement and mergers and acquisitions. Her experience spans the entire production cycle, from upstream mining and raw material inputs to primary metal production, fabrication and distribution.

Lindiwe Mpofu has defined the odds in the much male dominated industry and penetrated to be an exception among the giants of the industry. The mining industry in Zimbabwe needs more women like her to reach an unpredictable turnout. The future of women in the mining industry lays mainly in hard work and perseverance than anything else.

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