Lockdown my foot…

Lockdown my foot…

… as Hungwe family throws wild party for graduate son

By Virginia Njovo

There was a wild party at the Hungwe family lodge at Chivi growth point last weekend, August 11, as the family celebrated the graduation of Tariro Hungwe who had been studying overseas.

Tariro is son to Goldah Hungwe who is cousin to Josaya Dunira Hungwe, the Zanu PF politburo member and senior party member from Masvingo province.

A source told TellZim News that Tariro (pictured) recently came back to the country from Ternopol, Ukraine, after completing his civil engineering degree with a distinction.

The party was thrown at Fish and Eagle Lodge near Mazorodze Primary School where hordes of invited guests enjoyed themselves.

TellZim News saw several vehicles, many of them top-of-the-range, parked both inside and outside, with a noisy parade of other cars driving around the streets honking their horns.

The parade also made brief stop at Chivi growth point bus terminus where people disembarked from their vehicles, sang loudly and danced while lifting Tariro aloft.

The national COVID-19 lockdown prohibits large gatherings and in Bulawayo, wild parties have been blamed for the recent surge in coronavirus cases.

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