Lodger Assaulted For Using Landlord's Pegs

By Rumbidzai Ndhlovu

Masvingo,February 21, 2014 – A tenant in the city was heavily assaulted because he had used his landlord’s pegs to hang his clothes.

People were left tongue tied in the court recently  when Fidelis Tsengatsenga (18) stood in the dock facing charges of assault after he bashed his tenant for using his mother’s pegs.

Upon his plea of guilty, Tsengatsenga was ordered by magistrate Timeon Makunde to pay a fine of $100.

Prosecuter Fedilicy Nyamukondiwa represented the state.

Nyamukondiwa told the court that the accused resides at Mangwandi Farm in Masvingo.

The complainant is Shepherd Govero who is employed as a security guard by Remind Security and is a tenant at accused’s place of residence.

The court heard that on February 5, 2014 at around 1600 hours the complainant was at his own place of residence.

Tsengatsenga then approached Govero accusing him of holding his mother’s peg.

The complainant tried to explain that he had used the pegs while he was doing his laundry.

The court heard that Tsengatsenga started pointing fingers at the complainant highliting to him he had no right to use his mother’s pegs.

Govero went to his room and the accused followed the complainant.

The state heard that the accused then assaulted the complainant with a log on the left shoulder and struck Govero with an empty bottle on the right leg.

Tsengatsenga further assaulted the complainant by hitting him on the buttocks with a stone.

The matter was reported to the police and the complainant was referred to hospital for medical examination.

Mirror (Masvingo)