London Put Out Your Fire And Leave Us Alone: Mugabe

Mugabe was addressing people at the Defence forces day at the National Sports Stadium where he conferred various medals to 15 members of  Zimbabwe Defence forces  for defending the country from internal and external forces.

“Britain, Britain I understand is on fire, London especially and we hope they can extinguish their fire, pay attention to their internal problems and to that fire which is now blazing all over and leave us alone because we do not have any fire here and we do not want them to continue to create unnecessary problems in our country. We want peace, and the people of Zimbabwe want peace,” Mugabe said.

“And now that they are experiencing problems which has dogged other countries before and they have in circumstances accused these countries of lacking freedom, let them tell us what is happening whether it’s lack of freedom or it is something else.”
The officers who were conferred with medals included Brigadier General Moyo, Colonel B Nyathi, Lieutenant Colonel Mathe, Wing Commander Makuramidzi and other warrant officers.

Defence minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa who eulogised at the ceremony said the officers were being awarded the Grand Master of Zimbabwe Order of Merit.

“This is a consideration for their achievement, played pivotal role in Zimbabwe’s independence and after independence,” he said at the National Sports Stadium.

 He said the men and women awarded the medals had “stood  firm to guard against external and internal threats.”

In his speech, to mark Defence forces day, Mugabe pleaded with Western nations to lift their sanctions on Zimbabwe.

“Once again we appeal to those who have imposed sanctions to head our call, our appeal that sanctions must go,” Mugabe told a gathering of people who attended a Defence forces day celebrations in the capital.

 “Let those in Europe attend to their problems, those in America attend to their internal problems.”

Mugabe rubbed his hands with glee, for the riots and economic crisis affecting London and Washington.