Lovemore Majaivana's Son Sings Like His Dad

Well, it does not take a “rocket scientist” to quickly tell you that they are all siblings of some of Zimbabwe’s most popular musicians Zexie Manatsa, Oliver Mtukudzi, Simon Chimbetu, and of course Lovemore Majaivana, now based in the United States of America (US).

But it might indeed take a “rocket scientist” to know the latest addition to the music world – Derrek Majaivana – is the son of former Bulawayo-based, but now US-based music sensation Lovemore Majaivana or “MaGe”.

His many fans, especially the very vocal ones who strongly support the boys in Black and White – Highlanders Football Club “Amahlolanyama” or “Iboso Ngenkani” – stood firmly behind him in all his music.

Most of his songs went gold not only in Zimbabwe but in South Africa where the star who sported an “Afro”, popular during the 1980s after Independence, was also very dearly loved by fans.

“I try to emulate my father in all my songs and in all that he did,” the dread-locked Majaivana Junior said in an exclusive interview at The Tube Night Club and Restaurant in Harare.

This Night Club and Restaurant is among the top for the working class who love their beverages, whether it be beer or soft drinks, while listening to live music, a very rare theme in Harare today, after a hard day’s work in the office.

“Most of my songs are from my father. In fact I have an album or CD coming up in August which I have dedicated to my brother who plays for Highlanders Football Club and my father in the US,” Majiavana, otherwise known as Sithole said in the interview.

“I desperately need instruments but I do have my own Band which I used to play the songs that I recorded for my new album. It has eight songs which are basically those that my father sang while he was in Zimbabwe before he left for the US.”

He said he also sang one of the songs for Highlanders FC and his young brother both of whom “I dearly love”.

“I strongly support Highlanders FC just like my father,” Derrek said.”In fact the guy who comes after me, my brother (Arnold), plays for Highlanders FC right now,” he reveals.

Majaivana said in the interview that some of the songs in his new album set for release in early August included – “Umoya Wami”, “Ukhozi”, “Samukele”, and “Highlanders Iboso” all of which were sung by his dad before he departed for the US during the days of Zimbabwe’s hyper-inflationary period. During these days the inflation rate stood at 361 percent – the highest in the world.

“I am not married,” Majaivana quickly points out. “I am 32 years old. I turned 32 on June 26. I am still very, very single and am still looking around.”

He said he loved football on Sundays, listening to music especially by locals so that he could learn “one or two things from them”. I play here at The Tube Night Club and Restaurant on Tuesdays and Wednesdays but I practice here regularly,” the young dread-locked Majaivana said.

“He sings here and the crowd loves him,” an excited Paula Valentine, the General Manager of The Tube Night Club and Restaurant confirmed in an exclusive interview. “The place is always packed when he sings here.”