Low Cost Regional Airline To Launch Wednesday

Low cost regional airline, Fly Africa is set to mark its first day of operation on Wednesday with a confirmed load factor of 65 percent for the Johannesburg-Victoria Falls flight.

The airline conducted its demonstration trip a few days ago and is scheduled for a Johannesburg-Victoria Falls flight on Wednesday. 

Fly Africa Regional Manager, Mr Mati Karase says while the airline could not reach the 100 percent load factor mark, all is set for the airline’s flight. 

There are plans to have daily air service between Johannesburg and Harare in the near future.

The airline managed to conduct a demonstration flight from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls which was observed by officials from both the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) and the South African Civil Aviation. 

The demonstration flight was meant to enable the regulatory officials to inspect the aircraft safety equipment, on board procedures, as well as the validity of the ground and air licences. 

With a one way flight charge of less than US$100, the airline says it intends to achieve its objective of demystifying flying.