Lumumba, Activists Arrested Again

By Dylan Murambgi

Harare, July 08, 2016 – FORMER Zanu PF youth activist and leader of the newly formed VIVA Zimbabwe party, Acie Lumumba was Friday arrested together with two other anti-government activists as the state continued to panic following Wednesday’s national shutdown.

Lumumba, together with Tajamuka frontman, Promise Mkhwananzi and  National Vendors Union chair, Sten Zvorwadza were arrested on separate occasions for almost similar offences.

Mkhwananzi and his group on Friday threatened to storm state house as part of their ongoing campaign to force President Robert Mugabe to step down for allegedly running the country down.

“I’ll be handing myself to the police at 5pm today with my lawyer Mr. Trust Maanda,” Mkhwananzi wrote on his Facebook page Friday.

“Let’s remain strong and vigilant because we are not criminals. We are peaceful protestors. I am doing so because I have confidence that I have not committed any crime and I have full protection of the law. #‎Tajamuka

Lumumba also informed his Facebook followers he had been summoned for detention at Harare’s Southerton police.

“MY FELLOW ZIMBABWEANS; I know u are all going about your day to day business but for all those genuine friends here on FB this is to notify u that I have been arrested again on several allegations. May the Lord lead, keep fighting for your country everyone…Viva Team will keep you posted. I have been detained at Southerton Police till Monday they say.

His arrest comes hardly a week after he was arrested and later granted $400 bail for insulting President Mugabe last week.

Zvorwadza, one of the organisers of the Wednesday work boycott which brought the country to a virtual standstill, was summoned to the Police Law and Order division at Harare Central police where he was questioned over his involvement in the protests and whether he was not planning any acts of sabotage against the state.

His lawyer, Obey Shava of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, confirmed his client was summoned.

“Yes we went to the police station this afternoon and they were just asking him questions on the protests and if he was planning on doing anything that could cause harm to the state,” he said.

Zvorwadza had earlier told a press briefing at his offices in Harare that police were looking for him and Promise Mkwananzi of #Tajamuka and Pastor Evan Mawarire of #This Flag Campaign in connection with the Wednesday protests.

He said they were not part of the people who called for a march to State House this Saturday saying they knew that it was treasonous.

Zvorwadza, however, said they would continue to stage peaceful protests across the country until the government met their demands, adding that a total shutdown of the country was inevitable as every Zimbabwean was experiencing hardships under the current Zanu PF led government.

“We need to highlight critical points that the government and its leadership must not forget that in the early sixties, they stood up against oppression and repression because they had suffered enough in the hands of the white colonial rulers.


“Today Stern Zvorwadza and others have stood up against oppression, repression, suppression and the worst form of human rights abuse which is poverty,” he said.