Lumumba Dares Mugabe, Uses 'F' Word On President

By Staff Reporter

Harare, June 30, 2016 – OVERZEALOUS former Zanu PF youth activist Acie Lumumba on Thursday dared President Robert Mugabe and the state when he openly used the ‘F’ word in insulting the 92 year-old leader.

The 27 year-old former StarFM presenter was addressing his first press briefing to announce the launch of his new political party, Viva Zimbabwe.

Lumumba, evidently goaded by mob psychology, told a press briefing which was also attended by a few hangers on that he would not join those who have President Mugabe been beating about the bush in their condemnation of the veteran leader.

Lumumba declared he had cut ties with his former boss President Mugabe saying he was now drawing a line.

“So here is the red line”, he said before he took a pause.

“Mr President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, f*ck you. I have drawn the line, our kids are in trouble,” said the former Harare youth council chairperson amid applause from members of the audience.

Lumumba said he no longer cared what the president would do to him saying he would instead revenge if any harm was inflicted on him.

“It’s a red line. I know, I know and my name is Lumumba Lumumba Lumumba. I say it three this three times, so that you don’t forget, get it, come get me. Here is the thing, upon getting me, I am someone’s child, a war veterans’ child.  You touch me,” he said.


 “You can touch me but I hope you live longer because God for bid, if you don’t live long I will gun for your kids,” he said.