Madhuku Urges Villagers To Reject Elections

Madhuku emphasized that it was not the responsibility of politicians to determine how the people should be governed but rather the public should be allowed to craft the constitution which they want hence the need to vote no in the anticipated referendum in early 2011.

“Since our formation in 1997, we clearly outlined the benchmarks to lead us to a democratic constitution. Our position has not changed, we still insist that the writing of the constitution be led by an independent commission that encompasses all sectors of society comprising political parties, churches, students and other sections of society,” said Madhuku.
Madhuku likened the referendum as a time to choose good or bad.
“The time will come when you all will be required to choose between bread and stones, and there is no doubt that you will choose bread,” he said.
Villagers at Gona Primary School in Gutu openly told Madhuku they were still scared of elections.
“We don’t want elections, we are afraid and we think it is better that the plan for elections be shelved for a while. We lost our beloved ones during the previous elections and some of us are still leaking our wounds and therefore we strongly oppose the issue of going to elections soon,” said an old woman who only identified herself as Mbuya Mataruse.
NCA provincial chairperson Ray Muzenda said their ‘Vote NO’campaign was already in full gear and were mobilising villagers to reject the new constitution and elections until the country obtains a conducive environment for that.Muzenda said the people of Zaka are at the fore front of rejecting elections.
“We are still campaigning and sensitizing people about the dangers of rushing in to an election. We have seen that the people of Zaka are at the front in rejecting elections. When they were about to forget what happened in previous election, Jabulani Sibanda (War Veterans leader) went there and started to haunt them, threatening them with war.
“They are vehemently rejecting the idea of having an election,” said Muzenda.

Zaka was the worst affected by violence in Masvingo province during previous elections with some MDC-T supporters being petrol bombed at Jerera Growth Point.