Madhuku's NCA Backs Civil Servants Strike Threats

Professor Lovemore Madhuku’s NCA has backed continued threats to
embark on an industrial action by agitated civil servants over unpaid
December salaries and bonuses.

In a statement, the NCA spokesperson Madock Chivasa insisted civil
servants must consider withdrawing their services to force government
to pay their dues.

“As NCA party, we sturdily advise all civil servants to seriously
consider industrial action against ZANU PF government failure to pay
them their bonuses and for delaying to pay them their salaries on time
as expected,” party spokesperson Madock Chivasa said Wednesday.

Through their unions, public service employees have, since last week,
insisted they will not allow government to continue stretching their
patience through salary delays.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe President Takavafira Zhou said
his organisation will not allow their employer to continue “urinating”
on workers, while the Zimbabwe Teachers Association also said they
will not be held accountable for any violent action undertaken by
angry members protesting over their pays.

Similarly, the Zimbabwe Nurses Association said its members were now
left with nothing in their pockets to afford fares to work beyond 1st
of January.

Government has since paid teachers their December salaries with
promises to pay the rest January 5, next year.

Meanwhile, the government has maintained complete silence on bonuses.

Chivasa berated the Zanu PF led government for alleged misrule and
cautioned against continuously voting a bungling party in national

“Zanu PF government’s failure to pay civil servants salaries on time
and complete failure to pay them their bonuses is illegal and in clear
violation of state’s contractual obligations,” Chivasa said.

“Delay by the arrogant Zanu PF government to pay salaries and failure
to pay bonuses to civil servants is also a clear testimony that the
country is being run by selfish politicians who have either taken
leave or already retired from working towards improving the welfare of

The NCA spokesperson further chastised Zanu PF for organising a lavish
conference that attracted more than 4000 delegates in the country’s
most expensive holiday resort, Victoria Falls early this month,
momentarily forgetting the plight of government workers.

“The NCA party is urging all civil servants to vote wisely in future,” he said.

“If they vote for corrupt political parties like ZANU PF to be
government they will be indirectly perpetuating their own misery as
they will continue getting salaries late and may never get any bonuses
in their lifetime.”